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Guitar Lessons in Miami, Florida

Are you in any of the following situations?
  • You are a beginner with the guitar and want to get started the best possible way.
  • You are an intermediate or advanced player and need help moving forward or learning a new style or concept.
  • You are a parent looking for the best guitar teacher for your son or daughter.
  • You are an adult who has always wanted to play and is ready to learn.
  • You have been learning on your own for a while, but you feel stuck and need help.
  • You want to be a professional musician and need help preparing for a school, college, or band audition, or need feedback/advice, etc.
  • You love to listen to music and want to play your favorite songs and play like your favorite guitarists.
  • You know how to play a lot of chords and songs, but you want to improve your soloing abilities, knowledge of scales, improvisation, theory, etc.

Whether you’ve never had a guitar lesson or are already an accomplished musician with several performances under your belt, I can help you start to improve your guitar playing immediately.

My name is Adam Harrell and I am a guitar instructor offering high-quality guitar lessons in Miami, Florida. I have helped many people - kids, teens, and adults - learn guitar from scratch, or greatly improve their existing skills, while having lots of fun in the process. I am patient, friendly, organized, and passionate about what I do. Whether you just want to play for fun or you have professional ambitions, it is my sincere desire to provide you with the best service possible and to help you reach your goals. I am confident I could be the perfect guitar teacher for you!

Imagine being the guitar player and musician you've always wanted to be. Picture yourself being able to impress your friends and family by playing your favorite songs, improvising a great solo, or even writing and recording your own music. Learning on your own can be confusing and difficult. With the guidance of an experienced teacher, however, learning to play the guitar is MUCH easier and a lot more fun.

Become one of my students and I can help remove the frustrations and roadblocks that are holding you back. First I will evaluate your current level and we will discuss your specific goals. Then I will design a plan of action that will put you on track to becoming the guitar player you want to be.

Learning Without A Teacher?

Sure, you can try learning on your own. But working with a teacher is the fastest, most effective, and most enjoyable way to become a better guitar player. Here's why:

  1. The Right Things At The Right Time.
    There is a ton of material out there...books, DVDs, the internet...some good, some bad; it's overwhelming. How do you know you are learning the right content and in the correct order?

    A great teacher will help you learn in the right way so that you eliminate frustration and wasted time.

  2. The Correct Habits/Techniques Demonstrated For You. Your Questions Answered.
    Even the best book or video out there cannot magically watch you play and fix your bad habits. Likewise, it can't respond to your specific questions or help find creative solutions to your specific challenges.

    A great teacher will closely monitor the way you are playing and keep you from developing bad habits. He can also think and react on the spot; he can see what is working and what isn't working and adapt teaching methods to find the most effective strategies for each student.

  3. Stay Motivated.
    Perhaps the biggest advantage of taking lessons with an experienced teacher is that you will be inspired to practice your guitar. You will have weekly goals and someone to encourage you and follow up with you to make sure you meet those goals. Having expert guidance to keep you on track greatly helps to ensure your success.

  4. Learn How To Practice Effectively.
    Guitar lessons alone do not make you a better guitar player. The most important thing is how you practice at home in between each lesson. A great guitar teacher doesn't just tell you, "practice this." Instead, he will explain and show you EXACTLY what to do to improve at the fastest possible rate. He will give you very specific objectives and practice tools to use for whatever particular topic you are learning.

  5. Have Fun With Like-Minded Musicians.
    Playing music with others is one of the greatest joys of playing any instrument. How often do you actually get to experience this? Are you usually just playing guitar by yourself at home?

    A great teacher runs jam classes, puts on student concerts, etc. designed to rapidly accelerate your progress, while having fun making music with others.

  6. Save Time And Money.
    You could spend months or even years wasting time and money on books, videos, surfing the web, and still not make much progress. How often do we buy stuff like this (with good intentions) but then it just sits on the shelf collecting dust? There is so much information out there that it is very hard to know what you should be doing to move forward. And it is even harder to stay motivated.

    With a good teacher, you can guarantee that the information you are given is exactly what you need, when you need it. Your teacher is like a coach, helping you stay motivated and seeing to it that you are excited to learn. As you watch yourself getting better and better each week, you will see that the money and time you invest leads to REAL progress, and lots of fun!

Why Take Guitar Lessons from Me?

  1. I am a professional teacher with proven methods who is 100% dedicated to his students. Study with me so that you know you can achieve positive results.
  2. Learn in a superior lesson environment. My studio is spacious, comfortable, and includes guitars, amps, piano-keyboard, recording equipment, and more. Learn without distractions, where full focus is on providing you with the absolute best quality guitar lessons in Miami.
  3. Learn music by making music, in an exciting and interactive way. For example, we jam along with drum machines, we solo over backing tracks, we get out the mic and sing along, we study theory with games on the computer, we learn how music works by visualizing concepts on the piano and applying them to the guitar, we learn and play songs all the way through and transition back and forth from rhythm to lead guitar.
  4. More well-rounded lesson planning. In addition to learning songs, you will improve such skills as soloing/improvisation, technique/speed, creativity, theory, reading standard music notation and TAB, understanding scales, arpeggios, connecting the fretboard positions and how everything fits together.
  5. Better materials and organization. The materials you receive from me are prepared before you arrive to your lesson, using professional music notation software. We’re talking custom-made exercises, songs, solos, chord name it. You’ll receive a typed outline summarizing the objectives at each lesson, so that you can stay organized with your at-home practice, make steady progress, and track your improvement.
  6. Receive mp3 audio demonstration clips and backing tracks to practice with at home so that you can make sure you are getting it just right.
  7. Meet other guitar players to interact with so that you can make friends, gain confidence, find practice buddies or bandmates, and experience what it’s like to make music with other people.
  8. Get the opportunity to perform in concerts, and make your own audio and video recordings to share with friends and family.

Ready to get started?
Just contact me for more info or to schedule your introductory lesson!

I’ll help you learn to play something fun, that’s appropriate to your current level, right at our first lesson.
We’ll discuss your goals and figure out if I’m the right teacher for you.
There is absolutely no obligation to sign up for any lessons after the intro lesson.